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Business License Online Application

New Business License Online Application

What you need to know to get started

All license are valid for one year, and must be renewed annually. For annual business licenses, a renewal notice will be mailed to you the month prior to your license expiring. However, it is the sole responsibility of the business owner to make sure that the business license is renewed prior to commencing work in San Marino.

Before applying, please have ready the following items that may apply to your business:

  • Sales: Anyone selling products must have a state Sellers Permit. Please note your permit must show the San Marino address. The State Board of Equalization will be able to provide address changes, if needed
  • Ownership: If a Partnership, Corporation, Trust, or Limited Liability Corporation owns the business, you must provide a Federal ID Number (EIN). If you are a Sole Proprietor you may either use your Social Security Number or a Federal ID Number.
  • Employers: If you have employees, you must provide a State ID Number (EDD).
  • To calculate your employee count, two part-time employees equal one full-time employee. Use the worksheet at this link. Enter your results in the Employee Count field in the application.

  • Wheeled Vehicles: If your business involves wheeled vehicles (fleet vehicles, delivery trucks, etc.) please complete this worksheet .
  • If you operate a business that is licensed by a state agency (such as contractors) you must provide your State License number, type and expiration.
  • If you need assistance or more information, contact the Business License Department at (626) 300-0700 or email us at
  • After submitting your application online, you’ll receive a confirmation email acknowledging that we have received your application. You may receive an additional email asking for further detailed information that may include review and approval by the Planning Department. After the application has been approved, you will receive an email notifying you of the approval along with instructions on how to submit payment.

    We wish you much success in your business venture.